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By the authority of Friends of Clarke Guy, Treasurer Kelly Woodburn Windsor.

Clarke Guy



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As a lifelong public servant, born and raised in northern St. Mary’s County; the need to help my family, friends, neighbors and community overwhelms my thoughts and desires, filling my heart with the passion to serve others.  I graduated from Chopticon in June of 1993, as class vice president, and spent a year afterwards working in Prince Frederick for prominent attorneys and studying to be a paralegal at Charles County Community College, LaPlata (now College of Southern Maryland).  In June of 1994, I left for Air Force basic training to serve my country and protect our way of life.  Protecting the only life I had ever known growing up in St. Mary’s County; spending my weekends at my grandparents’ houses.  With my father’s (Al C. Guy Sr.) parents in The 7th District on Colton’s Point (Stanton and Margaret Hammett Guy) and my mother’s (Kathy Burch Guy) parents in Charlotte Hall (Billy and Eileen Clarke Burch).  My time spent with family and friends on the football fields behind Lettie Dent, Parks & Rec summer camps at Mechanicsville Elementary, riding bikes along the railroad tracks (before it was the Three Notch Trail) to the Birch Manor neighborhood, an altar boy at Immaculate Conception (where I was baptized, first confession, communion, confirmed and married), and working at the Sandgates Inn & St. Mary’s Landing Restaurants.  Watching my Brothers (Stan and Steve Guy) and Sister (Meme Guy Stauffer) play softball at the Capt Sam’s, Anderson’s, Penny’s and Hill’s Club ball fields.  Visiting my friends in Golden Beach, Country Lakes, Helen Estates, Wicomico Shores and, of course, The 7th District from Maddox to Bushwood, and from Avenue to Abell.


After being away from Maryland, 1994 to 2002; with stops in Biloxi, Mississippi, Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, 4 years in Germany and time spent in San Antonio, Texas; I was blessed to finally get stationed near home on Andrews Air Force Base.  The pull to return to St. Mary’s was greater than ever.  Married in February 1998 to Claudia Bautista, of Chicago, and we had two young children (Connery, CHS ‘17 and Caridad, CHS ‘18), which were about to enter school in 2004.  I knew if we were going to be in Maryland that we needed to raise our children in St. Mary’s County, the land of pleasant living.  We moved to St. Mary’s County in 2004 and we built a house on an old family farm off of Old Baptist Church Road, only about 250 yards and over the old railroad tracks (Three Notch Trail) from my childhood home.  Still in the Air Force at the time, however lucky enough to remain in the area, and having a wonderful time showing my kids what a great place St. Mary’s was to grow up.  We were blessed to have our children attend Mother Catherine Spalding (now Mother Catherine Academy) in Helen, where we felt the Catholic education being provided was important for our Air Force brats’ overall development.  Making a commute to Crystal City Virginia for 3 years (2004-2007) and then back to Andrews (2007-2011), every day, was worth it to live in the Mother County of Maryland.  There were still deployments (6) to the far reaches of the Earth, including Afghanistan, and other long periods of separation, just like any other military family, however we were Home in St. Mary’s County and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Nevertheless, the Air Force called on us to move again to Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, near St. Louis Missouri, in June 2011. As luck would have it, we were able to return to the home we built and the place we loved in July 2013.  I immediately started to become more involved within our community by joining the Mechanicsville Lions Club, where I’m honored to have been chosen as the President (King Lion) for the 2017-2019 office years.  We help so many people through hard work and our annual Father’s Day Chicken BBQ.  And through my other affiliations as a member of the VFW, American Legion, Veterans of Helen, Moose Lodge and Knights of Columbus organizations.  I attended the very first St. Mary’s County Citizens’ Academy, from September-November 2014, where I learned about the county government and I could continue to support my neighbors by finding the services they needed.  I retired from the Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt), the highest enlisted rank (E9), on 1 February 2016 after 21+ years; whereas the opportunities afforded me the ability to earn an Associates Degree in Personnel Administration in 2002, a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2012 and an MBA in 2015.  My assignments in the Air Force also gave me the ability to lead at every level of the Air Force organizational structure and within very high levels of the federal government, in the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  In November 2016, the St. Mary’s County Commissioners appointed me to the Planning Commission; where I represent the northern part of the county and provide my insight on various planning and zoning aspects throughout the entire county.  Ensuring that every concept plan that comes before the commission benefits the citizens of the county.


Paid for by Friends of Clarke Guy for Commissioner, authorized by Kelly Wodburn Windsor, treasurer 
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